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Friday, May 29, 2015

Trail Riding Locations: Bagakay Trail Liloan Cebu City

Me and my friends have been riding this trail for a couple of weeks now. Its a great weekend trail riding spot. It has challenging uphill sections but not long and punishing. Once you get to the top you can enjoy a fast paced ride along the ridge, it like a slalom along the small bushes along a foot path.

Similar to the Calera Trail it has a view of the coast but this time you get to see the opening of the Cansaga bay. At the end of the ridge trail it exits on a rocky downhill section which requires your full concentration otherwise you will be tumbling down the hill. It eventually ends up in the main coastal road where fresh buko juice awaits.

 I highly recommend this trail riding spot for exercise, I guarantee you will burn calories if you take this trail together with the Calera route. I hope you enjoy the videos below, view it in HD 1080 just click the settings button in the youtube window and select 1080. The video was taken using SJCAM SJ4000 WIFI Helmet mount.

Also at the end of the video we also explored the Laray dirt road near Co Jordan Talabahan. It has a great view but the the dirt road is a dead end, we thought it would go all the way around the Cansaga
Bay tributary waterway.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trail Riding Locations: Calera Trail Liloan Cebu City

If you are looking for a trail ride with a fantastic coastal view and fast paced downhill sections,
You don't have to go to Busay and endure the long punishing ascent.  Nice and knarly trails are
nearer and a more accessible than you think.  This trail is just 30-45 mins away from the city
depending how fast you ride.

The trail is located at Calera Liloan its just a few minutes away from the Cansaga Bay Bridge.
The climb is challenging but not long and punishing. Now going to the ridge section you can just
take in the amazing view of the coast on your left and a lake on your right.  The downhill sections
are fast paced and a great thrill not to mention it has a great view to boot.

Anyway I took some pictures during our ride there and we also made a video using
the kickass SJCAM SJ4000 WIFI (Original), This cam is great for the outdoors and its half
the price of the GoPro cam.  So it will not bust a big hole in your wallet even if you get it pretty
banged-up. Just check-out the videos below in 1080HD. Just click the settings button in
the youtube window and select 1080. Enjoy and safe riding.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

GENE's Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

GENE's Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

Cebu City

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(032) 238 6813

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